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Welcome to the LiveJournal community for the wonderful but sadly out-of-print series of Doctor Who books published by Virgin known as the New Adventures. Looking for somewhere to discuss Chelonians, Puterspace and the amount of times "fuck" appears in Transit? Well, you've come to the right place!


The Doctor Who New Adventures are a series published by Virgin from July 1991 to April 1997. The titles available in the series are as follows:

01. Timewyrm: Genesys
02. Timewyrm: Exodus
03. Timewyrm: Apocalypse
04. Timewyrm: Revelation
05. Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible
06. Cat's Cradle: Warhead
07. Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark
08. Nightshade
09. Love and War
10. Transit
11. The Highest Science
12. The Pit
13. Deceit
14. Lucifer Rising
15. White Darkness
16. Shadowmind
17. Birthright
18. Iceberg
19. Blood Heat
20. The Dimension Riders
21. The Left-Handed Hummingbird
22. Conundrum
23. No Future
24. Tragedy Day
25. Legacy
26. Theatre of War
27. All Consuming Fire
28. Blood Harvest
29. Strange England
30. First Frontier
31. St Anthony's Fire
32. Falls the Shadow
33. Parasite
34. Warlock
35. Set Piece
36. Infinite Requiem
37. Sanctuary
38. Human Nature
39. Original Sin
40. Sky Pirates
41. Zamper
42. Toy Soldiers
43. Head Games
44. The Also People
45. Shakedown
46. Just War
47. Warchild
49. Death and Diplomacy
50. Happy Endings
51. GodEngine
52. Christmas on a Rational Planet
53. Return of the Living Dad
54. The Death of Art
55. Damaged Goods
56. So Vile a Sin
57. Bad Therapy
58. Eternity Weeps
59. The Room With No Doors
60. Lungbarrow
61. The Dying Days


This community is for everything NA-releated: talk, opinions, thoughts - even fanart or fanfic if you feel so inclined. But, as with all communities, it's asked that you follow a few simple rules.

- No spamming.
- No flaming/drama.
- For spoilers, put a warning and LJ-cut it. Despite the books being relatively old now, I'm sure there are people reading them for the first time.
- Fanart, fanfic or anything that will take up a lot of space should be LJ-cut.

Other than that, enjoy!

This community is maintained and moderated by [info]everlasting_day. Contact me if you have any questions.
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